Vänersnäs 2021

I participated in a local art walk in Vänersnäs. I made an underground performance, in an old grease pit. The visitors were invited to a room and I was under it creating dull, fragile sounds. They never saw me, they just sensed my presence. I was in the hole in the ground for four hours each day. 

One visitor explained to his son “No there is no one in this room, they have recorded the sound before, that is how they do it these days” “But I think someone is here. I can feel that” the boy insisted. “No there is no one and I will show you” the father said and he threw a stone down the pit but not at me. “See, no one is there!” “But I still think…. OK….” and the boy eventually, a bit sad, gave up.

Photo by Tony Topp